Please sangat tawwwww...

Please sangat tawwwww...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Kerang and friendship.

I had a fight with my best friend last night. A stupid fight, of course. Yess, my bad. But it has been reconciled after saying sorry and a few arguments. Still he asked me to come over to his mummy's kedai makan and made those kerang for me.

It looks like everything is back to normal. But not as normal as before, I guess. I awfully regret it was my stupid behaviour, triggering the fight. Dont have to tell you what was it all about because it was abso-freaking-lotuly stupid. Stupid me.

And I have this kind of feeling that he's still mad at me. I just know.

I know he might not be reading this, but still I want to say sorry.

I know acted stupid. I know. And I'm terribly sorry for being such a stupid idiot maniac jerk. I know you're still having those awkward and mad feeling for what I've done. I'm sorry for taking your jokes seriously. I'm sorry for being such a neurotic ultra sensitive person. Dudd, I'm really really really sorry. I dont want to lose a good friend like you. Again, I'm sorry. Please forgive me and I hope we can be friends like before. You're my best friend forever.

Thanks for those kerangs last night.

Serius aku rindu kau. Benci kena pergi Maxis sorang-sorang. =(

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