Please sangat tawwwww...

Please sangat tawwwww...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big brother yawww!

I always wish for a big brother.

  1. The one yang boleh main gitar or any other instrument. Boleh buat band.
  2. Yang boleh buat geng. The one I can hang out with. I know big brother usually thinks its not cool hanging out with their little sister, but I want one who doesn't mind at all.
  3. The one with a cool girlfriend. So that when he's busy doing his stuff, I can hang out and count on his girlfriend. Nampak tak yang aku ni memang takde life?
  4. The one who can cook delicious meals.
  5. I love imagining he knocks my door and ask me having breakfast with him at mamak's.
  6. Celebrating his birthday, which means celebrating someone who is older than me, other than my mum and dad.
  7. Having serious yet cool conversations about our family. To mend our broken family situation. 
  8. The one who enjoys shopping very much. Sape kata lelaki tak suka shopping? Aku penah jumpa yang suka shopping tauuu. Bukan nyah, bukan gay. A straight one.
  9. The one who is not fussy, stingy and lazy ass.
  10. Yang urban, tapi tak abaikan agama.
  11. Our family is his priority.
  12. He introduces me to his cool and handsome buddies. (Okay, part ni melampau.)
Okay, aku tengah busan. Dan aku tak tau kenapa banyak ayat aku terdiri daripada bahasa omputeh ni. Perasan terer inglish laa tu.

*Al-fatihah tribute to arwah Along. I'll never ride motorcycles.


  1. kau tukar jela wish to have a big bro kepada wish to have a husband.

  2. criteria nye adelah berbeza, okay. ke same? ko rase same ke? ishh, dakk aihh.

  3. well..i couldnt agree more with shak..hahahahaha


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